Individual Voluntary Arrangement Advice

Individual Voluntary Arrangement Advice

If you are struggling with mounting food and living costs and finding it hard to meet monthly repayments on credit cards, bank loans or car finance, maybe an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) could be the answer for you.

If your debt is totalling over £15,000 to more than three creditors and you have a regular monthly income then an IVA is something you should consider taking a look at. They work by consolidating your current monthly repayments in to one more manageable payment better suited to your needs. The agreed payment is then divided amongst your creditors through the IVA meaning you need not be in contact with any them.

Dealing with debt is a big step for anyone to take and can be extremely stressful. It is strongly advised that you seek help before diving in and setting up and IVA. Fortunately there are a number of companies both online, over the phone and on the high street that can offer Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice.

Online Individual Voluntary Arrangement Advice

The Internet is a big resource for finding help with your debts. A quick search for Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice can bring about hundreds of thousands of websites offering expert advice, both free and for a set fee. Beware of paying any kind of fee upfront purely for advice. Good Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice websites will explain what exactly an IVA is and whether or not you meet the criteria needed to qualify. They can also help you through the advantages and disadvantages and the process of setting up an IVA. are the UK`s leading debt resource site and can offer you impartial information on IVA`s free of charge. On the site you can also read through in depth descriptions in to the workings of an IVA.

The UK Insolvency Helpline offer both phone and online advice services. You can find all the facts needed about IVA`s and the help to work through your debt problems. You can email them 24 hours a day with your queries. are one of the UK`s leaders in Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice, there is a Freephone number available and a wealth of online advice. They deal with thousands of people each month and have qualified staff to meet your needs.

Charity based Individual Voluntary Arrangement Advice

Citizens Advice, although they cannot provide you with or set up an IVA, trained staff can offer you one to one advice on your debts and recommend the best kind of action.

National Debtline can provide excellent advice over the phone and determine whether or not an IVA is the best option in your circumstances.

The CCCS are the UK`s leading debt help charity and they can help you decide if an IVA is for you with a no commitment online consultancy service, they can also put an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in place for you.

As you can see Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice is widely available, there is all the help needed to set free your debt worries.

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