Individual Voluntary Arrangement Forum

Individual Voluntary Arrangement Forum

Many people run in to debt at one time or another; there are any numbers of reasons you may fall behind on payments to creditors, this could be that a member of the household is out of work or the rising cost of living could be making you feel the pinch. Whatever the reason, debt is nothing to be ashamed of, if your debts are in excess of £15,000, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) could a way out of the burden money problems bring.

What Exactly Are IVA's?

IVA`s are an agreement between you and your creditors for you to pay them what they are owed through a set IVA payment plan. You pay only what you can afford in one monthly sum over a set period of time, this period is usually over 60 or 72 months. After the IVA has ended any unsecured debt left remaining is written off, potentially writing off 60% of your total debt. By taking out an IVA you can avoid the constant phone calls and letters from pestering creditors.

Any decision on dealing with debt problems is a big one; this is also the case when entering in to an IVA. Being able to interact with likeminded people in similar circumstances as yourself can help you to talk about your worries and troubles as well as discuss the advantages and disadvantages of IVA`s. Visiting or joining an Individual Voluntary Arrangement forum could be a good idea.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement Forums

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement forum can give you a platform to share your experiences with many others. As all of the members have IVA`s in common they are a welcoming, tight knit community place to spend time. An Individual Voluntary Arrangement forum is commonly broken up in to sections related to different aspects of IVA matters and even friendly non debt topics such as; pets, sports, weather or any other topics for which you wish to comment. Sections include

Thousands of people are members of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement Forum making them a perfect place to visit whether you are just starting out on the road of an IVA or you have completed your term and want to celebrate being debt free by encouraging others in the same position you were.

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