Individual Voluntary Arrangement Debt Advice

Individual Voluntary Arrangement Debt Advice

Being in a position where debt is controlling your life can be extremely affective on your family life and at work. When you have debts that have become un-manageable it can lead to depression. It is advised that if you are struggling in anyway with money you seek out debt advice.

If you qualify, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) could be a way to help you out of your current state and set your finances back on track.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Seek out some individual voluntary arrangement debt advice to get the help needed to get one set in place. An IVA works by creating an agreement between yourself and your creditors to pay back a sum of money in one monthly payment instead of paying hundreds of pounds each month to numerous lenders. If you have debts of over £15,000, and a regular income with money to spare for repayments you should qualify.

Incomings and Outgoings Forms

The new agreed payment will be derived from what you can afford by submitting incomings and outgoings forms to an individual voluntary arrangement debt advice company, they can provide any help you may need to fill out the forms. The debt advice you sought can put you in touch with a reputable licensed company or in many cases proceed with the IVA themselves. Whoever you have chosen to act as your agent (known as nominee at this stage) will propose the new repayment sum to your creditors in a meeting. Lenders attending the meeting will be required to vote on if they are happy with the terms and conditions of the IVA, three quarters (75%) of them must agree to the IVA for it to be allowed to stand. If this is the case then the individual voluntary arrangement can go ahead as planned, It normally set up to extend over a five year period with any unsecured debt still left over after that time automatically written off. At this stage of the process your nominee now becomes the supervisor.

As the supervisor your individual voluntary arrangement debt advice company will make transactions of your payments to the creditors and initiate all necessary contact. They are there also to make sure that the terms and conditions of the agreement are still relevant and are being adhered to by both parties. You will have no need to be in any contact with any of your creditors during this time.

Other IVA Debt Advice

Your home cannot be repossessed if you have an IVA though it may be that need to free up any equity you may have. Expensive assets may need to be sold and downgraded. It also necessary to point out that an IVA stays on your credit rating for six years although five years of the six are when the IVA is in progress.

There are a lot of other permutations regarding IVA`s; a good individual voluntary arrangement debt advice specialist can put you in the picture and talk to you about your worries and queries.

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